take your office anywhere with artifex smart office

SmartOffice 2

You need an easy way to view, create, edit and share documents.

SmartOffice 2 is built for Smartphones and Tablets.

It does everything you need, and then some.

Auto Shapes

Add life to your PowerPoint presentation with customisable autoshapes and insert images from your camera or file

Contextual UI

Contextual UI. Get the options you need, when you need it

Drag & Drop Editing

Drag + Drop = You'll only find this in SmartOffice

Document Info View

Preview your document, view useful meta data, one touch quick launch
help & support

Customer Reviews

“Super fast performance. Works really well”

“Very good. Short training time. Program works great.”

“What an amazing piece of software and well worth the price. i am very pleased indeed.”

“Silky smooth, lots of great features that make this easy to use. Beautiful interface.”

“Best office UI! It’s a lot more user friendly and fast compare to other office apps out there”

“Very useful, works perfectly well. You removed from many troubles and made the iPad much more efficient that you can edit view and send all your documents! Very happy!

“This app is a smooth as butter!! Worth every penny!

“In my opinion this is the best Office application in the market. Great design and a huge feature set. Unbeatable.”

“I am impressed, this app is smooth and fine for what I need. It is worth its money”

“Very Good the only improvement that needs is to be able to make Folders inside the application. Suggested without any doubts. Thanks”

“This is without doubt, the definitive office app for the HP Touchpad. Artifex SmartOffice now owns the Touchpad productivity Market”

“After a long search for a useful office reader I hit upon this great software grin” Thanks Piscel

“Works as it should be able to use text to speech support. Could use text to speech support. Affordable also. In my view, clearly the best office app.”

“Very good application for reading and processing office with better compatibility with Microsoft office word powerpoint documents. A buy without hesitation”

“Very good and smooth installation…very easy to use and fast recommend it works perfectly on nokia n8”

“Great app. Well worth the $$. Best app I’ve installed on the TouchPad so far”

This is the best Microsoft Office program out, better that Docs to go. UI is very intuitive, clean, and responsive. Worth the $10. Nexus S. [Matt, Android Market]

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